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Today, I lost a friend, my 2001 Audi A4. After one last break down on the side of an interstate, my car was deemed past repair and was salvaged for parts. This was the first car I ever owned and as an avid car lover from even before I could drive, losing this car really hurt me.

After this happened, I realized how many people don’t understand the bond between a car lover and their car. Unlike some new, eco friendly Prius, straight from the show room, this car had character and personality. We’d been through everything together: girlfriend break ups, two proms, high school graduation, freshman orientation, the list is endless. And it really makes you happy when there is so much change in your life, to have that constant that seems to always be there for you. I may be getting too emotional and it may seem weird to some people how you can be so attached to an object but with the memories we made together, he became more than that, he became a friend.

You never forget your first car and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. You will be missed.

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Ferrari FF


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